The Gregory's were the first family that all became factory trained, certified
and/or Authorized Service Providers (ASP's) for Baron, Hedman/Xscribe,
Stenograph and ProCat in the United States.
Gregory's had contracts with The Hedman Company, The Stenotype Company
of California (Herman Miller) aka Stenotype Company/LaSalle, Baron,
Hedman/Xscribe and Stenograph Corporation. Gregory’s became one of the
largest vendor's, suppliers, distributors and service center's of court reporting
machines nationwide.
Steve’s had a degree in Mechanical Engineering and tore Sheila’s stenotype machine
down to the frame and rebuild it like new. In the 60’s Steve became the first
certified technician in Southern California servicing court reporting machines.
Sheila attended Court Reporting at Bolsa Stenotype School in the 60’s and also was
quality control testing for the stenotype machines.  In the 90’s Sheila became the first female Authorized
Service Provider (ASP) technician in the country.
Chicago - June 1994 John Smolak
Head Technician at Stenograph
Retires, Sheila and Robert Wright
Founder of Stenograph Corp.
The Gregory’s have three United States Design Patent’s relating to the court reporting profession.
Steve invented the Big Shot Marker, and Sheila invented a steno insert for the wheelie cases and a
portable chair for the court reporters to carry behind their wheelie case.
The Gregory's had booth's at California Court Reporters Association (CCRA) Deposition Reporter's Association
(DRA) National Court Reporter's Association (NCRA) and volunteered at Career Fair's. The Gregory's were very
instrumental instituting court reporting classes in high schools, ROP's and junior colleges. The Gregory's
volunteered their services at the California Shorthand Reporters Board (CSR exam) for over two decades to
help students with any machines problems and donated supplies.
 Steve                  David                Travis                    Sheila                         Smolak, Gregory and Wright
HISTORY:  The Gregory Family has been in the court reporting business for over
40 years.
The Gregory’s two son’s David and Travis were involved in the family business since childhood.  In the early
80’s David attended classes at Cypress College of Court Reporting. Steve trained David on the stenotype
machines and David went to the factory and became the youngest ASP technician in the country.  In the early
90’s Travis had training at the factory, with Travis’s great salesmanship Gregory rented and sold more
machines than any other company in the US.