Over 40 Years in Stenotype
The Gregory Family has been in the Court Reporting Industry for over 40 Years. Gregory
Stenotype was one of the largest Authorized Service Provider's (ASP's) repair center's, dealers,
and distributors of court reporting machines and supplies nationwide.
Wheelie Cases and Inserts For Sale
Minimum Tools Required: 
        1 small Phillips Screwdriver                      
        1 medium flat blade screwdriver              
        1 side cutter                                             
        1 thin wrench
        1 needle nose pliers
        1 large flat blade screwdriver
Safety-Kleen to clean parts (optional)
Technicians earn $179 - $280 per machine. It takes about 1 1/2 - 2 hours to clean
Technicians make up to $800.00 on service contracts for one year
Overview - Disassembling Stentura Machine
To view names of Stentura parts click on full view (last button) on player
FOR SALE:  3 Stentura 8000’s - contact: Robert Lyon 713-294-3859 or email: rslyon@eprod.com.
If you have a court reporting (stenotype) machine for sale Gregory Stenotype will list it on their
web site free of charge. Just click on E-Mail.